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About Lift Liberia Fellowship Program

Lift Liberia Fellowship Program is a Non- governmental Youth driven organization with the desire and primary focus of shifting the paradigm of the next generation of leaders by providing an equitable solution to the problems that are faced by the youths of Liberia and global village through Mentorship, Leadership Training, Civic Education, Career Development and Youth Empowerment.

Our Primarily focus on equipping tomorrow’s future by providing an equitable platforms and solutions in resolving complicated youth challenges that is affecting the next generation of leaders into useful assets in their various communities.

  1. To build the capacity of youth in community to positively impact their lives and communities.
  2. To create an equitable opportunity for all youth of Liberia irrespective of ethnicity, religion, race, gender, and status quo in Life.
  3. Rebranding the minds of the next generation of leaders through social entrepreneurship skills.
  4. Provide training opportunities
  5. Inspired and motivate youth to take on positive venture to contribute to social changes
  6. Building up youth networks both local and international Youth organizations
  7. Creating a productive youth population for Liberia and Africa.

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